Google Wants Your Phone To Replace Your ID And Passport

Apr 02, 2021 News

Google Wants Your Phone To Replace Your ID And Passport

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more and more powerful. They can replace car keys, and there are fewer and fewer things people carry when they go out. However, for Google, Google feels that this progress is still a bit slower. Google hopes that future smartphones can replace ID cards, passports and other devices that can prove identity.

Google established the Android Ready SE Alliance, the purpose of which is to allow Android to replace ID cards and other items. To ensure safety, Google will select and certify the hardware provided by SE suppliers to ensure that the hardware has a tamper-proof function. Vendors in the alliance can work with Google to create open-source, verified, and readily available SE Applets.

This means that OEM manufacturers can use it directly to speed up popularization. Google is currently focusing on the digitization of car keys, driver's licenses and other identity credentials. Once Android phone manufacturers participate, the speed of popularization will be breakneck.

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