Google To Enforce 30% Revenue Cut From Apps On Play Store Following Rival Apple

Sep 29, 2020 App News

Google To Enforce 30% Revenue Cut From Apps On Play Store Following Rival Apple

We’re all familiar about the situation that has been going on between Fortnite and Apple, as both entities have been going at each other for personal reasons - and some are definitely justified. The heat started when Epic Games complained about the absurd, 30% cut that Apple was taking from developers, including its own game Fortnite, from apps on the App Store. Apple was basically taking a 30% cut from the in-app revenues that developers were making from their apps. However, due to the sheer dominance of the California-based company, no one was able to say anything. That is, until Epic took a stand and forced all the revenues to go straight to their account rather than passing through Apple’s.

With that, other developers started speaking up as well, as plenty of stories against the popular phone maker surfaced. However, the situation for developers seems to be worsening now, as now Google has announced that it will start enforcing the 30% cut rule as well for all the apps on the Play Store - a law that was present previously too, just not as strict as Apple’s. Google claimed that 97% of the apps were taking Google’s payment services, but some giants such as Spotify had users pay directly from their credit card to their account - hence bypassing the 30% cut. However, now that won’t be possible as well, with the enforcing of the rule by Google.

It will be interesting to see what transpires from all this discussion in the mobile world - as we’ve seen the clash take place between Epic and Apple, which in the bigger picture looks bad for the latter, considering the number of companies and developers it’s going to go up against - not to mention the ruined public image. This step by Google might also mean that other fair-use app stores like Samsung’s might get more popular and amass a larger user base in the near future. In Google and Apple’s search of juicing as much revenue as possible from developers, it seems as if they end up on the negative side of the public sentiment - something which rarely ever bodes well for the receiver.

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