Google To Add Biometric Verification On Autofill For Passwords

Aug 20, 2020 News

Google To Add Biometric Verification On Autofill For Passwords

There is so much tech around us these days that it’s actually hard to believe how many different things our mind has to register and remember at different periods in our time. With the services, jobs, and social media platforms around us, there are just so many different passwords you have to remember for each one of them. Oh, want to sign up on a new platform for media streaming? Create a new account and remember the password to go with it. It feels wrong to use one password for everything as well, as if one thing of yours gets hacked, or the password is leaked to someone, then all your details and accounts are out.

Google has offered a solution for this as it remembers passwords for each website and app, and stores it inside its servers, and when you log in the next time on that platform, it offers to autofill that password for you so you don’t have to remember it. However, even though this solution seems efficient and time saving - one thing it doesn’t tick is the security factor that goes in it. If you hand your phone to someone, or if it gets stolen, they can go inside your apps and websites, and Google will simply lay down your passwords on the plate for them - of course unknowingly though.  

Now they’ve developed a new feature, which honestly should’ve been there since day one, and that’s biometric protection on Google’s autofill feature for passwords. Google finally allows users to protect their autofill stored passwords for all the platforms by biometric verification. That means you can add your fingerprint or face scan for Google to verify it’s you before you select the autofill feature for your passwords.

If you want to enable this on your device as well, all you need to do is go to Settings > Google > Autofill > Autofill With Google and set up your biometric recognition, be it a fingerprint of face scan. Once that’s done, Google will ask you to verify yourself by the set method before applying autofill for your passwords. A great and important feature added from Google, but one that should’ve been added ages ago.

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