Google Tests A New Feature Enabling App Comparison

Oct 30, 2020 News

Google Tests A New Feature Enabling App Comparison

Google Play Store is the most popular app store in the world, with the only rival being Apple’s App Store. The Google Play Store has over 2 million different apps, and it can get a bit difficult for users to keep track of all the apps and games. Sometimes a user might hear a review about one app or game, and might completely miss out on a better alternative just because of lack of information.

However, Google Play Store is now introducing new comparing features which will change all that - as users will be able to compare similar apps and games with each other, so they can make easier decisions about which one to download. How this works is displayed in one of the reports that showed a user going to download the VLC Media Player, but getting similar app choices like MX Player and more, so they can compare both apps head to head to get the better option.

The comparisons that can be made are the size of the apps, the reviews, ease of use, downloads and more. This a great feature added by Google, and will definitely help tons of users in making download decisions more conveniently without having to waste storage and internet data on testing out different apps.

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