Google Teases The Pixel 4a: August 3 The Expected Unveiling Date

Jul 31, 2020 News

Google Teases The Pixel 4a: August 3 The Expected Unveiling Date

Even though we haven’t really gotten an official word from Google itself, we have witnessed plenty of different leaks and rumours passed around in the tech community about the much-awaited Google Pixel 4a. The “a” series have gotten a lot of love and support from fans and tech journalists alike, as it is a great value packed phone which offers a lot for users at a relatively low price. However, Google has finally hinted at the release of the phone, as they’ve been giving subtle and playful signs about the phone coming out.

Made By Google actually changed its cover photo on its Facebook and Twitter pages to one which shows a notch cutout at the top left hand, which is a clear indicator of the 4a. Moreover, you also get linked to a sort of an Easter Egg Google Store website, where if you click on the boxes in the order of the colors of the Google sign, it will show a date, and a blueprint of a phone. The date mentioned is 3rd August, which is likely when they’ll announce the Pixel 4a. When you click on the boxes, they unveil the actual message which says, “The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone.” - another indicator to how it’s the Pixel 4a, since everyone’s been waiting on the device for so long.

The latin paragraph below the hidden boxes are actually some of the highlight features of the 3a in the Latin language - a unique marketing strategy that’s likely going to attract more attention to the phone, if it didn’t have enough of that already. The 4a is certainly a hyped up phone, and we hope that it will live up to the expectations set by fans and followers. It’s going to be interesting to see how well the device matches up against the newly released OnePlus Nord as well.

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