Google Stadia To Introduce 20 New Games On Their Platform

Jul 17, 2020 Games

Google Stadia To Introduce 20 New Games On Their Platform

Google is known to be one of the biggest tech companies in the world, if not the biggest one. Due to this, they have massive resources especially in the data side of things, as Google is mainly known for handling data. The data handling leads to the company having high-end servers that can store all that massive influx of data on a daily basis. Seeing the surge in the gaming industry in the past decade or so, Google realized the capabilities they had in terms of server capacity, and released Stadia. Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service which essentially allows users to play heavy games on even lower-end computers and smartphones. This is done by Google handling all the heavy processing duties on their servers, with the user only having to pay a monthly subscription, along with a good internet connection.  


The service is slowly gaining popularity, but Google knows that in order to get more and more people on their platform, they need to add the latest game titles on the website so users have a reason to get on the service. They already have top notch titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, but they’ve decided to add 20 more titles on their platform, and the major ones are listed below:  

  • One Hand Clapping - available now 
  • PUBG Season 8 - July 30 
  • Serious Sam 4 - August 
  • PGA Tour 2K21 - August 21 
  • Super Bomberman R Online - Fall 2020 
  • NBA 2k21 - Fall 2020 
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Fall 2020 
  • Dead by Daylight - September 
  • Hitman - September 1 
  • Hitman 2 - September 1 
  • Hitman 3 - January 2021 
  • WWE 2K Battlegrounds - September 18 
  • Hello Neighbor - September 20 
  • Outriders - Holiday 2020 
  • Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek - Holiday 2020 


Some of these gaming titles have massive amounts of user bases, and it’s no doubt that Stadia will indefinitely benefit from having all these games on their site, as it’s highly likely that fans of these games will shift to Stadia to play their favourite titles. Moreover, the high prices of upcoming next gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox X Series will also lead to users shifting to cheaper services that will allow them to play the newest gaming titles on cheaper laptops and computers.  

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