Google Rolls Out Smart Compose For Whatsapp, Telegram And Messages

Jul 02, 2020 News

Google Rolls Out Smart Compose For Whatsapp, Telegram And Messages

When you think of smart, probably the first name that comes to your mind is Google, because it’s one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and it’s evolving its technologies year in year out, testing out new smart software every single day. One such feature that we got to hear about from Google back in 2018 is the smart compose. Google unveiled the smart compose technology publicly to the world in 2018 and gave us the potential it could have in the future. Smart Compose is basically a machine learning feature where Google’s software can guess what you’re trying to type, and complete the sentence for you. If you think the suggestion is accurate, which in most cases it is, then you can swipe right to opt for it.

Then in the following year, we saw the smart compose rolled out to further Google apps, but mainly Gmail where it’s made available to all users regardless of whether they are subscribed to Google’s GSuite services or not. Then Google also rolled out the Smart Compose service for Google Docs as well, but that is only available for GSuite users. Now, Google has started rolling out the feature for regular day to day usage as well, and we’re talking about social media. Users will be able to make use of the Smart Compose on Whatsapp, Google Messages and Telegram if they’re using GBoard as their default keyboard. This seems a great move from Google, and it’s nice to see the technology shifting over to social media apps as well.

The update is currently out for select beta users, and has not rolled out globally, but we can expect it to do so in some time.

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