Google Releases Dark Mode For Docs, Sheets and Slides

Jul 23, 2020 App News

Google Releases Dark Mode For Docs, Sheets and Slides

Dark theme is now a fan favourite amongst the majority of the masses, and that has been recognized by all the major app developers for mobile. Mobile giants like Facebook and all of the social media apps that come under it (Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram), Google, and almost every other major app in the market. The dark mode helps save battery on AMOLED panels, and is easier on the eye as compared to light theme designs. Google has already implemented the dark theme in some of its apps, like Gmail, Chrome and more - but now it’s also bringing it to its office apps, like Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Turning on the dark mode on these apps is easy. All you have to do is head on to that specific app, for example Docs. Now press on the three bars on the top left hand and go to Settings. There, you’ll find the theme section right on top of the page, and you can simply choose between Dark, Light or System Default. If you do choose Dark, but want to read a particular document in light theme without permanently changing the dark mode to light, you can simply go into the document itself, press the three bars again in the corner, and just select “ View in Light Mode “, and you’ll be good to go. However, this isn’t possible if you have Light theme on and want to view the document in dark.

This is a great addition to the office apps by Google, as they’re regularly used especially in this day and age where phones have substituted almost every major piece of technology around us. If dark themes are available in most other major platforms, then why not on these apps as well?

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