Google Releases Airdrop For Android: Nearby Sharing

Jul 02, 2020 News

Google Releases Airdrop For Android: Nearby Sharing

Apple users have had the Airdrop feature for a long long time, and it’s one of those things that Android users wish they could adopt from the Apple side of things. Airdrop allows users to exchange files with other nearby users or their own other Apple devices seamlessly over WiFi or bluetooth, whatever path seems better for the user. It’s a great feature and it makes the file transfer procedure much easier for Apple users.

Android users haven’t really had such a feature on their phones, and all the third party alternatives don’t work quite as well as Apple’s Airdrop. However, if someone could match that level, or perhaps exceed it even, then it would be Google. Google is the biggest contributor to Android’s code, and that’s a huge reason why Google’s own devices can get updates much more quickly. The company has unveiled the launch of Android’s very own Airdrop, and Google is calling it Nearby Sharing. This basically allows you to share files, be it pictures, songs or videos over to other devices easily through WiFi or Bluetooth. Users essentially have the option to turn on Nearby Sharing, and other users will get notified about whoever wants to share data. Once both parties agree on data exchange, file transfer will take place and the file will automatically open for the recipient.

The feature is only made available to a select few globally, and the testing group is made small as well. Once Google gets the relevant feedback they’re looking for, it will hopefully be released to every Android user across the world.

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