Google Provides New Tool For Developers To Improve Mobile Gaming

Jun 12, 2020 News

Google Provides New Tool For Developers To Improve Mobile Gaming

Google has been bringing impressive things to the mobile phone world for quite some time now. With never-seen-before Artificial Intelligence capabilities in smartphones with Google Assistant, or Google Stadia being a cloud gaming software; they’ve been on point with a lot of things the last few years. Now, an update not as significant as the above-mentioned ones, it’s still going to be a game-changer - quite literally. Google has announced the Android Performance Tuner, which will help game developers get vital information about where and how their games are demanding performance from mobile devices, and how that can be further optimized to make the gaming experience for users even more enjoyable. 

Mobile gaming has been improving year by year with heavy titles being made for mobile devices which users can enjoy for free, instead of paying for an expensive console, and then buying the relevant games for it to play the game. The graphics on these devices can well and beyond match or even surpass those of previous generation consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 - and with how things seem to be improving, we won’t be surprised if it goes even further beyond that. 

To match the hardware upgrades phones get each year, developers need tools to help them optimize their games properly for mobile devices, and Google has given them just that with the Android Performance Tuner. It gives feedback over which unnecessary areas can be tuned back to allow more frame rates to be run on a certain device. This is particularly important for Android devices, because of how many phones there are on Android and how optimizing the game for each of those phones can be extremely difficult. 

The Tuner is available as of now to developers for them to improve their optimization process, so that gamers can get better performance on their devices for their favourite games. 

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