Google Promulgates the launch of Pixel 4A in limited-edition 'Barely Blue' colour

Nov 20, 2020 News

Google Promulgates the launch of Pixel 4A in limited-edition 'Barely Blue' colour

There are plenty of mid range smartphones in the market currently, as the mid range segment has become increasingly saturated over the past few years, as manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme and even Samsung have shown that you can get immense value out of smartphones without paying a grand for them, and thus the spike in the sales of these phones. It isn’t a surprise that most manufacturers get the majority of their sales and revenue from these mid range smartphones of theirs, instead of their big money flagships.

Having said all of that, there are still only a handful of smartphones in the market that stand out in the mid range segment - phones that you look at and immediately understand the value you’re getting, and one the best phones in this range is the Pixel 4a series these days. The 4a since its release has been a sought after phone, with top specs in every department, and a flagship level camera at just the price of a mere midranger. There’s plenty to like about the phone, as it has almost everything on the board.

However, having been months to the release of the device, things are likely to get a bit stale afterwards, and like other major manufacturers who know a thing or two about marketing, Google has now gone out and released a limited edition color variant for the Pixel 4a, which can turn out to be quite a popular edition for users. This follows suit in a marketing strategy similar to Apple’s, as they usually release a Red edition iPhone in the middle of the year to keep the sales fresh throughout till they release the next phone.

The new variant is called “Barely Blue” from Google, as it looks premium and seems pleasing to the eye with the soft, dull light blue tint which is much more popular than bright, vibrant shades these days. This variant will be priced the same as its fellow color option being “Just Black”. The Barely Blue edition of the Pixel 4a will remain in the U.S till stocks remain, and you should get one for yourself before it gets sold out!

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