Google Play Store Is Expected To Install Android Applications In A Modular Way, Reducing The Volume.

Mar 22, 2021 App News

Google Play Store Is Expected To Install Android Applications In A Modular Way, Reducing The Volume.

9to5Google discovered Google's official support page called ‘app install optimization’. The following feature is not online, but the website content shows that Google's latest software includes mentioning this feature.

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The feature allows Google to learn which application sections are most useful to common Android users by observing the user's usage when installing the application for the first time. The page optimized for app install shows, ‘This information is combined with data from other users uses the app to find trends and determine which parts of the app are most important to each user.’

For example, for YouTube, the system may pass the evaluation and believe that most users use it to consume the video content inside. Few people use it to upload videos or live broadcasts. In this case, the Google Play Store may prioritize downloading the elements required for video playback of the YouTube application and only download other parts when the user actively needs it.

The benefits of this are that in addition to saving device capacity for users, it can also speed up installing applications, reduce the time required to start and run applications, and reduce the consumption of CPU, battery, and other hardware.

Google also emphasizes that it will not use this to collect anyone's personal information, and the collected data will not exceed the scope of the function. As a user, you can also choose not to provide data analysis through the Play Store settings menu, and exiting will not affect the user's continued use of this feature.

Although Google has described a new feature on the web page that seems to be very useful, this feature is not currently online, so it is still unclear what its experience will be and how it will affect the Android ecosystem in the future. Although those Android users who use the flagship configuration may not notice such a difference, for those users who use mid-to-low-end devices, at least from the description of Google, the benefits of this feature are quite obvious.

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