Google Play Music Starts Shutting Down On PC

Sep 30, 2020 App News

Google Play Music Starts Shutting Down On PC

Google Play Music is the primary music streaming app from Google, and has been for the longest time period. It’s also one of the most, if not the most downloaded music streaming app, as it basically comes pre-downloaded in almost every single Android smartphone. However, a few weeks back, we heard rumours about Play Music being shut down in the months of September and October, as Google was putting a lid on their long-lived music streaming app. This was done by the tech giant in order to make way and provide a smooth transition to their upcoming big thing out there - Youtube Music, as they look to rival the likes of Spotify and Apple Music with this move.

Previously, we heard that the closure of Play Music services will come in October for US users, so as to give time to upload all their music data elsewhere before the servers get shut down from Google. However, folks at AndroidPolice have spotted that some users have started getting their Play Music services shut on the PC version - which is strange to say the least considering that it came with no warning from Google as well.

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Basically, when you try to open or log in to the Google Play Music Manager app, you get a pop-up with a prompt saying “Music Manager is no longer available”. So when you try to upload any music on Google Play Music from PC, you’ll be transferred directly to Youtube Music’s website so you can transfer your media there. It should be a concerning thing for Play Music users, as they should be transferring their data safely to another location, with backups - because considering how swiftly the services of Play Music are shutting down, no one knows when it might arrive to your smartphone next as well.

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