Google Play Music Is Shutting Down

Aug 05, 2020 App News

Google Play Music Is Shutting Down

Google Play Music has been on our phones for a long long time - as it was considered to be the main music app for most users owning an Android device. However, the service is finally coming to an end from Google’s part, as they’ve announced closedown starting in September, and a complete shutdown in October. The company shared a thorough timeline as to when the Google Play Music app will be shut down in stages, and it will start with New Zealand and Australia to be the first ones to lose the service in September. Moving on, the rest of the regions will get their access to the service closed, and by December the whole platform will be closed as you won’t even be able to make any transfer of music or such.

Google is mainly doing this because of the popularity and potential it has seen in the Youtube Music app, which of course is owned by Google itself. Google Play Music has been compatible with YT Music, as you had the option to transfer your playlists and music from the prior to the latter within the YT Music app as shown below.

Google at least fulfilled its promise of letting users beforehand as to when they’ll be closing their Play Music service, and users have ample time to transfer their media elsewhere - most preferably to Youtube Music itself. Youtube Music will also come built in with all new phones which come with Android 10 or 11 in the future - as Google seems to really be giving it their all to make their music app a formidable one in front of the industry giants like Spotify and Apple Music.

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