Google Pixel 6 may sport an under-display selfie camera

Dec 30, 2020 News

Google Pixel 6 may sport an under-display selfie camera

The news about the upcoming Pixel series have already started surfacing, as people are eager to know what the next Pixel device is going to look like - will it be the same mid range offering as the Pixel 5 was? Or will Google turn back to producing flagship level phones once again? All that discussion put to the side, the most important thing that might be left to discuss right now would be the fact that Google actually might be thinking of installing an in-display camera in the upcoming Pixel device - a shocking reveal but one that might end up being true.

Recently, some patents from Patently Apple show a Pixel phone which has no cutout for a front facing camera, and there’s no visible motorized mechanism there as well - and Google seems very unlikely to go for that move. This could only leave room for one possibility, being the in-display camera option. As of now, the ZTE Axon 20 5G is the only commercially available phone to have an in display front camera, and its quality is lower than other front facing cameras we’ve seen so far.

in display camera

We don’t know whether the phone is going to be the Pixel 6, because there has been news of the Pixel 5 Pro dropping somewhere around the start of 2021, and that very well could have an in-display camera on the front as well. Google is the last company to try out crazy experiments like those especially when they haven’t been tried and tested in the market by others first. Nonetheless, the patents bring up an interesting debate as to the future of Pixel phones.

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