Google Pixel 5 Leaks Online - But Under A Surprising Name

Sep 09, 2020 News

Google Pixel 5 Leaks Online - But Under A Surprising Name

Google released teasers for both the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 together just a month after the launch of the Pixel 5. The teasers confirmed the release of the launch of the phones and gave us a little glimpse of what to expect. The first look of the Google Pixel 5 was revealed through leaks. Now another leak has been released, clearly showing the Pixel 5 but this time with a strange “Pixel 5s” moniker.

The leaked images were tweeted by Jose Antonio Ponton, a Mexican Radio Host. The new leak seems to feature very clear shots of the Pixel 5.

In terms of looks, the phone has the usual Google aesthetic and is similar to the Pixel 4a. The rear camera module is a square bump with the flash above the spectral and flicker sensor. The ultra-wide lens is present which replaces the telephoto lens. In addition, the finger print sensor is also present at the back.

The body features specs of white and silver throughout. In the front there is a panel with a hole-punch cutout. The phone is said to run on Android R which explains why we do not see the time on the top bar of the switched-on screen.

It is believed that the leaked picture in question is just a testing prototype from the company and not a retail product. This conclusion was reached due to the presence of several barcodes showcased on the back panel and the presence of an old Google logo which Google uses during the prototyping phase. This can be confirmed by “R3 EVT” text on the sticker where R3 most likely means Redfin which is the Pixel 5’s code name and “EVT” or Engineering Validation Test is a step in the hardware manufacturing process.


The FCC listing revealed that two variants i.e. the GD1YQ and G6QU3 will support mmWave d Sub-6. The listings also reveal that there are two other models that don’t support mmWave, namely the GTT9Q and G5NZ6. Through this information we can likely come to the conclusion that Google might launch the Pixel 5 variant and the Pixel 5s variant. Since the “s” moniker usually depicts that something is better, we can assume this variant will be the one to support mmWave and Sub6.

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