Google Pixel 4a Review: The Right Choices!

Aug 08, 2020 Reviews

Google Pixel 4a Review: The Right Choices!

The Google Pixel 4a was being waited on for so long by fans and tech journalists, and there was a time when people almost considered it to be cancelled, just like the Pixel 4a XL. However, Google very well continued with the phone, and we have it with us now in the market for $349, a great price for the specs the phone comes with, and we’re going to discuss what all is good in the phone, and what could’ve been better.

The Good

There’s just a lot to be praised in this device, but let’s just start with the display. Surprisingly, Google went with an OLED panel with a seriously impressive ppi of 441 at this price. It’s surprising because at this price point, you either see an LCD panel, or a mediocre chipset, but the Pixel has kept both of these aspects - a major plus point for the phone. The screen gets plenty bright, has good contrast and decent viewing angles. A great display for the mid range segment!

Moving on, the camera is obviously one of the things that make Pixel devices stand out, be it a flagship variant or a mid range one. The camera on the 4a is the same from the Pixel 4, which itself was an amazing main camera sensor. The thing to take note of here is Google’s excellent image processing that it carries out after you’ve captured the photo, and that’s present here as well in the 4a. Probably the best camera you can get on a phone at this price, and one of the best overall as well.

Performance needs to be praised in this phone too, as Pixels have usually been known for sluggish performance, and notable drop in smoothness after a few months of usage. However, with the fresh Snapdragon 730G, you’re going to be able to play most games on high settings, and some optimized ones on 60fps as well, such as CoD Mobile. The phone will run through most tasks without an issue whatsoever, and you’ll barely notice any lag or jitters throughout your usage.

The Not So Good

Well, the obvious department which had to be compromised to some extent was the battery section. The Pixel 4a comes with a 3140 mAh battery unit, which is decent for the size of the phone, but for 2020 standards, it’s a bit small, and you will need to charge it more than once throughout the day if you’re anywhere near a moderate user. If you like to game a lot on your device, then do keep a powerbank alongside as the juice will run out real fast on this phone.


The battery may not be as good as the other midrange devices on this list, but the rest is surely up there. We feel like Google has made the right cutoffs to make way for other important specs, and has made a great overall device. The Pixel 4a has an amazing camera, above-par performance, and a punchy display - if all that matters to you, on top of great software, then go for this device with your eyes closed!

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