Google Photos Turn Off Auto-Sync From Social Apps

Jul 01, 2020 App News

Google Photos Turn Off Auto-Sync From Social Apps

The coronavirus situation around the world has resulted in massive changes in the way businesses operate. Some businesses have seen an increase in their number of sales, whereas some have seen a major downfall. However, there’s been a consistent trend in online traffic increasing immensely after COVID-19 struck globally. Websites like Netflix and Youtube have seen a lot of users on their platforms after countries implementing a lockdown everywhere. This increased traffic has resulted in many websites, apps and companies having their bandwidth being maxed out, or stretched to the point they didn’t expect it to go. We’ve seen a lot of companies taking actions to reduce the stress on their bandwidth, including reducing the maximum resolution available on streaming sites. Google has felt this as well, and it has taken its step as well.

Google Photos is usually the default photo app that most users have on their Android devices. It’s convenient, it stores all your photos, and it backs up new photos from social media apps instantly without you having to manually do it. However, this feature is causing Google servers and their bandwidth to get burdened, and Google has decided to turn off the auto-sync option from social media apps on user devices.

You can turn it back on if you want to from the settings inside Google Photos, but Google turning it off automatically on all devices will get the company back on track, and normalize the traffic on its servers again without it having to strain its bandwidth and cause a major breakdown across its services.

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