Google Photos’ Redesigned Image Editor Is Now Available

Oct 08, 2020 News

Google Photos’ Redesigned Image Editor Is Now Available

In September, Google announced a redesigned Google Photos editor that makes machine-learning editing options more prominent and allowed for a more helpful editing experience through automatic one-tap smart suggestions. The new user interface has a lot of potential and allows users to directly edit their photos in Google Photos, without relying on third-party apps.

Google Photos has added a new ‘Suggestions’ tab in Google Photo’s menu that utilizes offering suggestions such as “Enhance,” “B&W Portrait,” and “Color Pop.” etc according to the specific photo you’re editing. It also applied and adjusts settings such as brightness, contrast, photo sharpening, and portrait effects. In addition, it will add more recommendations to help specific type of photos like landscapes, sunsets, and portraits stand out.

 It will have a new layout for its general editing tools making it easier to scroll through and apply granular edits like saturation, warmth, contrast, hue settings while also discovering new tools. Making precise adjustments is now easier than ever thanks to a horizontally scrolling carousel of options with a more granularly adjustable slide.

To give users a new and better experience, Google Photos are now redesigned with a three-tab design and server-side switch. For Google Pixel 4a (5G) and Google Pixel 5 users, Google has an extra feature, the Portrait Light. This is a machine learning powered feature which gives you control over lighting thus allowing to improve and adjust the lighting on faces in portraits. For now, this feature is exclusive to the mentioned Pixel phones but will be made available to more Pixel devices soon.

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