Google Photos For iOS Sees Major Improvements In Video Editing Section

Sep 02, 2020 App News

Google Photos For iOS Sees Major Improvements In Video Editing Section

Google Photos is the most popular gallery app in the world - as it’s often preferred over the phone’s local gallery app. The Photos app from Google helps store the pictures of users on the cloud storage of Google, as it helps keep your phone clean from all that media storage. Now, Google Photos has not just been in development for Android devices - but it also has been pretty actively used on Apple phones too, as it might seem weird - but there actually is a Google Photos official app on the iOS store as well. And you’d be surprised to know that it actually now has more features and options to choose from in the video editing department as compared to its Android counterpart.

Google Photos for Android at the moment only allows for stabilization, and adjusting the start and stop points of the video. Exporting the current frame is also a possibility for users. However, for the iOS app, Google switches it up a notch, as there’s a sleek UI design consisting of 4 different brackets in a bar at the lower part of the display.

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The first or the left most option in the bar consists of a playback icon - here, you can adjust the clip length and cut between the video. Basically anything to do with the playback of the video can and will be adjusted in this section. Moving on, the second part is for the filters - which are basically the same as the ones which you get when you’re editing photos. You can apply any type of filter by tapping once on them, or tap twice to adjust the intensity of that filter.

If we talk about the third section, then that consists of adjusting precise details of the video - just like you’d do in pictures. Adjusting the light, contrast, highlights, shadows and the color details can be done from here, as you can particularly edit or color grade the video to your liking here. The final part of the lower bar allows you to crop or adjust the frame size of the video.

Google is maybe looking to target the iOS audience and bring them on board their platform too - hence the improvements to the iOS app as well. Here’s the official statement by the company regarding the new version of Google Photos on iOS:

"We’ve introduced new features to the video editor to enhance your video editing experience. Now you can easily apply light and color adjustments, filters, and more. Using the video scrubber, you can preview any edits applied throughout the video "

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