Google Opens its First Authorized Store in Pakistan

Nov 10, 2020 News

Google Opens its First Authorized Store in Pakistan

Google is without a doubt one of the biggest if not the biggest companies in the world, as it’s a name that’s heard by perhaps every person in this world with an internet connection. The company which first started with just a search engine for looking up data from the internet is now a multi-billion dollar organization with thousands of employees around the world.

However, one country that Google did see quite a bit of sales from, but didn’t have any physical official store in was Pakistan. Over the years, Pakistani people have loved buying Google products, be it their series of Smart Home products, their Pixel line of phones, or just something else that Google makes. However, the absence of an official store of Google in the country has led to plenty of limitations and reluctances amongst potential Pakistani buyers.

But, it seems like Google has heard the prayers of the Pakistani people, as they’ve finally opened up an official physical store in Pakistan, in the DHA side of Lahore - a city that usually sees international brands enter it. The store will consist of plenty of interactive regions that will allow users to compare and view various products of Google to get a better understanding of them up close instead of the regular online shopping they had to resort to previously. Moreover, the store will also have several sales officers who will help guide customers along their shopping journey in the store, giving them insight on the products that Google offers.

Google’s store will ensure that enthusiasts will get thorough feedback and service from its employees and official representatives, as Google’s first store in Pakistan opens for everyone!

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