Google Messages End To End Encryption Unroll To All Android Users

Jun 16, 2021 App News

Google Messages End To End Encryption Unroll To All Android Users

Starring the messages is not only the biggest upgrade for the android users but google end to end messages are not out of beta for google. After a long beta test for a month google revealed end-to-end encryption for all the messages users on android. 

The news is that the encrypted messages are completely limited to one on one conversation between two people. The option will be enlisted for the people messages which have data enabled, it wouldn’t work on the plain text messages or the group chats. The protection is automatic and you can use it on the app version, users don’t have an option to turn it off.  

The advantage of end-to-end encryption is the guaranteed privacy provided for the images and content shared on messages. Google overall only rely on the Signal Protocol that generates secured key number for every message that are only found in the device during the conversation. In short, you can share the significant code with the person you’re chatting that will prove it’s really you. There is not chance of any hackers or attackers intercept any chats. 

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This upgrade could definitely be a good step to compete with Apple’s iMessages since they combined encrypted security with seamless and automatic experience. Simultaneously, this could be an easier and safer option for the people who are not willing to install secure third party application like Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp. Hence, if you are a user of updated version of these Messages, you will avail privacy concerned chatting option in your android handset too. 

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