Zoom Is Currently Down: We Have A Great Alternative

Aug 24, 2020 App News

Zoom Is Currently Down: We Have A Great Alternative

The coronavirus situation has been a strange one for all of us, and has caused us to live a way of life that we never had to go through ever before. Social distancing, being isolated so as to not catch the virus or to spread it - it has caused a weird change of balance amongst companies and organizations. Most have suffered from it, seeing massive losses from the lack of customers being available in the market. However, there are some companies that did actually see a boom in business, and one such company is Zoom, a video conferencing app that everyone has tended to during the virus for multiple reasons.  

Zoom helped people video call with their loved ones, bringing in the whole family into one call. It also helped companies hold meetings with their employees online in one place. Schools and teachers made use of Zoom as well to teach their students. It was and still is an important app for a lot of different users with different needs. However, recently the app crashed and a lot of users reported that it wasn’t opening for them.

If the Zoom app isn’t working for you too, then we’ve got a great solution for you.

Enter: Google Meet

Meet - for the longest time - has been a paid service only available to those with Google’s GSuite subscription, as it was mainly a corporate software. However, seeing the situation during the pandemic, Google decided to make the app free for everyone with a Google account, and now every user can make use of the easy mechanics of Google Meet.

All you need to do to operate and have a meeting or group call on Meet is just go to meets.google.com and click on Start a meeting, as you’ll get an option to Join that meeting. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get a code which you can share with your friends, family or whoever’s attending the conference as they’ll be able to join the meeting easily - you will have to accept their request to join though.


All you need to take care of is that all the attendees have Google accounts, and that they’re on desktop. If they have a mobile device, then the Meet app needs to be downloaded, as the process of making a meeting remains the same.

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