Google Maps Finally Gets Dark Mode

Sep 30, 2020 App News

Google Maps Finally Gets Dark Mode

Google has pretty much brought the dark mode trend on board across all of its apps, as it’s looking to adapt to the dark theme completely. However, one major app that was left behind was Google Maps - one of the most used apps from Google. It was surprising to know that whereas all other apps had a dark mode from Google, Maps didn’t - but we did hear a few weeks back that Google was in the works of introducing dark mode in Maps too - and now that rumour has started to materialize, as users across the world are reporting the arrival of dark mode inside of Google Maps.

Considering Google and its ways of operating, dark mode has arrived to select users worldwide, and so it hasn’t been made available to every Google user as of yet. This is done to make sure the transition period is smooth, and if any bugs occur, they can be dealt with at the start rather than after the update has been made public to everyone. The update has been reported by several users over the past 24 hours, and it seems like it will be made available globally till the upcoming weekend.

The dark theme on Maps will follow the same mechanism as any other Google based app, with the ability to permanently turn on dark mode or light mode, or simply just set it to system default which will automatically sense the theme set on the system, and align it with the theme inside of Maps. To check whether or not you’ve received the update, just head on to the app’s settings which can now be reached by clicking on the Google avatar icon on the top right, and then going to appearance where you’ll find the option of theme. If dark mode appears in the options, then you’re good to go - otherwise, just hold on tight for a few more days and you’ll get the update too!

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