Google Looking To Push The Google Assistant To Interact With Third Party Apps

Oct 11, 2020 News

Google Looking To Push The Google Assistant To Interact With Third Party Apps

Google Assistant has become extremely smart over the years, and has broadened its range of capabilities by a ton. Who knew one day you’d have a voice assistant in your pocket device which would tell you the weather, or dial a contact if you asked it to? It’s very impressive in terms of technology, but we take it for granted as it’s seen in almost every Android smartphone nowadays.

However, one of the limitations of the Google Assistant is that it can’t perform commands or interact much with third-party apps on the phone. It has the capability of launching the apps, or do slight tasks and commands inside, like playing a specific movie in Netflix on your phone - but it isn’t to the extent it could be, or to be more specific, to the extent Google wants it to be.

So basically Google wants the Assistant to be able to perform specific tasks inside of third party apps as well - so if you were to ask the Assistant to send a specific message to someone in Messenger or Snapchat, it should be able to do that.

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However, doing all these things actually does make sense from Google’s end - as we do all these things on a daily basis and just using your voice to carry them out - or even asking Google to send an important message when you’re busy with something else seems like an extremely convenient system, and would be great if the company can actually carry it out.

Another thing that Google is going to add in the list of new features of Google Assistant, is the ability to set up personal and custom commands to activate the Assistant. Right now, you can only wake it up by saying “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google”. It would be pretty cool to set up personal commands to wake up the Assistant, and would give users lots of freedom as well.

Now time will tell whether or not Google will carry through with these updates or not.

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