Google Launches New Multi Colored Icon For Its Google Pay App

Nov 10, 2020 News

Google Launches New Multi Colored Icon For Its Google Pay App

We recently saw Google trying to change the logos of their most well known apps in existence, in Gmail and the whole of GSuite apps which Google is now calling WorkSpace. Google seems to be going through some sort of transitioning of its own, changing up their logos, adding new features and trying to opt for a new funky design aspect which allowed the company to break free from the constraints of an uptight repetitive company.

Now, in the more recent news, Google has also brought in a new logo for the GPay app, starting from India, as it’s also a part of the new image that the company is opting for globally. GPay’s executive had some words to say about the way GPay operates now - as he stated how it’s different from what it was introduced as in 2017, called Tez, with more features, functionality and accessibility all over the world.

He went on to describe the usability of the GPay system, “For many in India, GPay is effectively a replacement for the physical wallet and everything in it – cash, bills, cards, tickets, etc,”. He also added about the new updates with NFC payments and credit cards in partnerships with financial institutions.

He explained how all of this evolution seen in the functionality of Google apps needed a change in the design aspect to reflect those new beliefs and objectives of the company - and thus the new bold and unique design to capture that essence that’s put forth by Google.

The design doesn’t necessarily scream out a digital gateway for online payments - but it fits well with the Google color palette and theme that’s seen throughout its apps - and the minimalistic look also carries through here as well.

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