Google Is Reducing The Play Store Service Fee By 15% To Increase Developer Revenue

Mar 19, 2021 App News

Google Is Reducing The Play Store Service Fee By 15% To Increase Developer Revenue

Google has finally reduced the Play Store fee to 15% for the first $ 1 million in revenue. Previously, Google accepted a 30% discount on every digital Play Store purchase for all developers. Last year, Google announced that the Google Play service fee applies only to developers who offer digital products and services in the program. Although Google claims that more than 97% of programs worldwide do not sell digital goods, they do not pay any service fees.

Speaking of reduced service fees, if your in-app funds don't exceed $ 1 million, you need to share some basic information with Google to secure only 15% Play Store commission. Google says in its blog post that the discount will be renewed annually if you sell less than $ 1 million a year in the app.

This step to reduce your Google Play fee will help new developers. Developers can increase their application growth by adding server power, hiring more engineers, and more. It is important to tell you that Apple also reduced the commission for in-app purchases to 15% in November last year. The reduced commission only applies to developers who earn less than $ 1 million a year. For developers who make more than $ 1 million on in-app purchases, Apple still cuts 30% of revenue as a commission.

Returning to the Google Play service fee, Indian developers who use the Google Play payment system to sell digital goods will benefit from July 2021. The reduction in the Google Play service fee will take effect in July 2021. Finally, Google, in its post in The blog, notes that "as a platform, we don't succeed if our partners fail."

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