Google Is Bringing Portrait Light Mode To Older Pixel Phones As Well

Oct 22, 2020 News

Google Is Bringing Portrait Light Mode To Older Pixel Phones As Well

Google recently released their “Flagship” phone being the Pixel 5, which seemed more of a mid range phone this year as the whole concept of flagship seems to have been dropped by Google. Nonetheless, the Pixel 5 had some pretty interesting features up its sleeve, and most of them were software side, as things usually are with Google’s products. One such feature that was considered to be intriguing was Portrait Light inside the camera - which allowed users to take pictures and be able to control the settings of the light source on the face, from brightness to contrast. Moreover, you could also edit all this after you had taken the picture from the gallery.

Now, if you do not have a Google Pixel 5 - you need not be worried if you wish to have the Portrait Light feature on your device as well - as Google is actually bringing it to older Pixel phones as well. Google hinted earlier about bringing the feature to older Pixels as well, and they’ve stuck with their words as an update that’s being rolled out globally to users as of now is bringing the feature to all previous Pixels from the Pixel 2 and onwards.

Since it’s a software related feature, the relatively old hardware of the likes of Pixel 2 and so on isn’t really an issue - and so the Portrait Light mode can be accessed on these devices as well. The interesting part is that you don’t need to take pictures in the mode to alter images. The feature will actually be available inside of Google Photos, and can be used on any picture with a detected face in it. You can change all sorts of things in the editing department with the source lighting.

It’s a server-side update, so you’ll just have to wait and keep checking when you get your update in check - and you can do that by going to the edit and adjustments tab, in where you’ll find the Portrait Light feature.

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