Google Has Made Chats In Gmail Available To All Users Of The Service

Apr 06, 2021 App News

Google Has Made Chats In Gmail Available To All Users Of The Service

Last year, Google announced plans to add chats to Gmail to make it easier for users to use email for work and study. Chats used to be available to corporate users of the service, and now the company has started distributing this feature to all Gmail users.

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The developers' goal is to turn Gmail into a 'home for work' by integrating into the service all the necessary tools that will allow you to perform various tasks without having to switch between different tabs and programs constantly. The Gmail app for Android now has four main sections. In addition to the 'Mail' and 'Meeting' sections, we now have 'Chat' and 'Rooms'. With the 'Chat' section, users will exchange messages privately and in small groups. Simultaneously, the 'Rooms' are designed for broader communication, with the ability to use public chat to send text messages and files. In the Gmail web version, the sidebar will be divided into four sections.

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Reports suggest the new Gmail tools' functionality is identical to Google Chat, so users can get rid of a single client used to send messages. The internal search service can now search for data not only in email but also in chats. Google has also made several minor changes and slightly updated the user interface controls' appearance.

The new features will soon be available to all users of the Gmail web version and Android apps. Chat and Room tools will not be available for iOS devices yet, but Google is likely to fix this in the future.

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There have been several recent reports that Google applications continue to crash after activation. Reports from Android users show that popular apps continue to crash after opening. In fact, in many cases, these programs do not even open. The reports mention programs such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Google. According to other words, users must uninstall 'Android System Webview' via the Google Play Store. It effectively fixes program crashes.

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