Google Discover To Add TikTok Like Short Videos

Aug 25, 2020 App News

Google Discover To Add TikTok Like Short Videos

TikTok has been on a wild ride during the coronavirus pandemic - as it has been banned in some countries, and is expected to be banned in others. The US President Donald Trump has had an issue with Chinese technology for a long time, and hence TikTok was in his line of sight as well. He signed an executive order, calling in for the ban of TikTok in the US, except that it gives all of its data and hands its rights to Microsoft. In the midst of the absence of such a huge platform in a lot of places, other challengers have emerged. We first saw Snapchat try to imitate the short video feature of TikTok, and now Google is also in on the trend, as Google Discover recently added the feature of short videos being featured on the feed.

Google Discover is a news feed that consists of different cards of different topics that might interest the user, which the user can choose themselves. This feed usually shows up when you swipe right from the home screen on Android devices, and is also in the Google app which can be accessed on iOS phones as well. Now, Google has started showing these short videos on the feed which resemble the content that is seen on TikTok’s platform.

google discover tiktok google discover tiktok

The preview of the video can be seen in the feed, along with the logo of the app that the content is from, like the Indian app Trell that can be seen above. You also get the name of the video at the bottom of the preview card. There’s a possibility to hide and brush away the short videos that you don’t like simply by using the three dot menu icon on top. Once you click on the video, it’ll open on the default browser set on your smartphone, with the URL shown at the bottom.

For now, we haven’t heard of many users getting this feature on their Google devices, as it’s unclear as to how widely it has been rolled out by Google. Youtube is also set to release its own TikTok-esque service called “Shorts”, as that is also expected to show up on the Google Discover feed for users.

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