Google Discontinues Pixel 3a

Jul 03, 2020 News

Google Discontinues Pixel 3a

A lot of people might think that Google’s first smartphones were the Pixels only, and it would be understandable why they’d think so. However, before launching the Pixel phones, Google had the Nexus lineup of devices, which were honestly top notch phones and were much loved within the tech community. They were mid range phones with great specs, good battery and amazing software just as we have known Google for for all these years. However, with the transition from the Nexus phones to Pixel, Google seemed to forget about its mid range buyers. Google shifted to only flagship, expensive phones and people who wanted the camera and software of the Pixel had to pay about a thousand dollars for it. But with the third iteration, Google released a mid range model, being the 3a.

The Pixel 3a received a lot of praise for the value it packed, and the different route it took to most other mid rangers at that time. The 400 dollar smartphone had the best camera you could find in a smartphone, since it inherited the same camera setup from the Pixel 3. Moreover, you got the same clean software with 3 years’ worth of upgrades on the phone. These were things that phone manufacturers actually cut off on for price reduction, whereas Pixel 3a had all of that. However, Google has just announced that the 3a is no longer being manufactured by the company, and that has caused much dismay among smartphone enthusiasts. This paired with the constant delay to the release of the Pixel 4a, is making everyone feel like Google is again considering to drop out the idea of cheaper smartphones, and stick to the flagship prices that they had opted for for a couple of years.

We hope to see the Pixel 4a soon if the 3a is being cut off, and we hope Google doesn’t ditch the idea of mid range smartphones from their agenda.

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