Google Changes Gmail Logo To Match Its Theme

Oct 06, 2020 App News

Google Changes Gmail Logo To Match Its Theme

Google as we’ve known for years has a distinct logo that can be distinguished from its unique color palette - which is the color blending of green, blue, red and yellow. Now since Google has evolved from just being a search engine, it has gotten plenty of different branches in different areas of the tech world. Different apps such as Maps, Chrome and more follow the design aesthetic of the Google logo, with the same colors involved as well. However, there was one major app that was an anomaly from all this time, and that was the Gmail app - as it remained a red envelope logo for the app.

Now, Google has finally realized that it served as an odd one out, and that the company needed to revamp the logo for Gmail. Now, the new logo is much more in line with what Google stands for, as it’s a modernistic and simple “M” in the color palette of what’s seen in Google. You can see red dominating in the logo, with hints of yellow, green and blue on the sides as well. Overall, the design is much more cleaner and minimalistic, and fits with the theme Google goes for in the other apps as well.

It was reported that Google tried testing different designs - as it considered dropping the M out of the logo for good, or removing the red completely - but people weren’t too fond of those designs, hence Google finalized the logo you see above.


The design change is said to be a small part of a whole revamping of the Google G Suite - which is now being called the Google Workspace. Google is attempting to compete with Microsoft Office, to become the first choice of office related tools for users.

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