Google Camera 7.5 Will Now Save Images With PXL Format

Aug 21, 2020 News

Google Camera 7.5 Will Now Save Images With PXL Format

Android 11 meanwhile has plenty of features for its other manufacturers, there’s no doubt that Pixel users get special treatment and that’s due to Google basically being the owner of Android. Google phones get their own updates and features, especially local app changes with new software updates, and there are some coming to the Pixel’s camera app - not noticeably on the user-end of things, but somewhat on the back-end.

The newest update to the camera app on Pixel phones started rolling out late July last month, and now is universally available to every Pixel user on the Android 11 beta programme. The newest version of the camera app is the 7.5, and even though it doesn’t bring many features on face, it has an interesting change to the file directory.

The new update is changing the way your images look and are named in the file directory after you’ve taken a photo. It was spotted by users that once an image was taken and saved to a Pixel phone, it’s saved as “PXL” in the start. This has replaced the previously set standard of “IMG” being in photos. Moreover, if you take a photo from the night mode section, it will also have NIGHT in the file right before “.img”. Similarly in portrait shots, you’ll get the word PORTRAIT in your image file after it has been saved. Here are some examples as to how the images are being saved on Pixel phones now.

  • PXL_20200820_141005222.jpg
  • PXL_20200820_143015285.NIGHT.jpg
  • PXL_20200820_143019420.PORTRAIT-01.COVER.jpg
  • PXL_20200820_142352990.mp4

Even motion photos are now known as “MP” instead of the previously confusing code of “MVIMG”. Videos and photos both start with PXL and the only way you can distinguish between the two file types is to see what extension they’re ending with, i.e .img or .mp4.

This sort of change in the file directory is brought by Google to better organize the files of users, and to make it easier to recognize what each file is without opening each one. However, it is to be noted that not many people spend their time in the files app, and would rather see their photos from Google Photos itself.

Nonetheless, the feature is only available for Pixel users on Android 11, as Android 10 will still see the same file types and names being used as they have been before.

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