Google Calls Out 19 Apps That Risk User Safety

Jul 28, 2020 App News

Google Calls Out 19 Apps That Risk User Safety

Google is a giant of a company, and it has a large hand in what makes Android operate - since it’s the biggest code contributor to the OS for the majority of phone manufacturers. This makes it a huge target for security attacks by hackers and cynical people looking to get their own benefits, be it cash or ads, from the platform and due to the large amount of audience on it. Recently, Google actually listed down 19 apps on its Play Store that were deemed dangerous, and urged everyone to uninstall them.

These apps were considered dangerous by Google because of several reasons. Some of the apps had a specific adware which would install itself on the user’s device, and would operate even when the app was closed. Some would track activity and some altered the device’s settings and whatnot for different reasons. All of the apps that were called out by Google are as followings:

  • Auto Picture Cut: 100,000+ installs
  • Color Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  • Square Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  • Square Blur Photo: 500,000+ installs
  • Magic Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  • Easy Blur: 100,000+ installs
  • Image Blur: 100,000+ installs
  • Auto Photo Blur: 100,000+ installs
  • Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  • Photo Blur Master: 100,000+ installs
  • Super Call Screen: 100,000+ installs
  • Square Blur Master: 100,000+ installs
  • Square Blur: 50,000+ installs
  • Smart Blur Photo: 500,000+ installs
  • Smart Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  • Super Call Flash: 100,000+ installs
  • Smart Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  • Blur Photo Editor: 5,000+ installs
  • Blur Image: 10,000+ installs

This investigation was held by Google in cooperation with the White Ops Satori team, which helped identify these threats to user devices, and called for immediate action against them. It’s great to see Google being vigilant in such conditions, and making sure their user’s security and safety isn’t compromised in the slightest.

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