Google Bans Face-Altering Features In Phone Cameras

Jul 19, 2020 News

Google Bans Face-Altering Features In Phone Cameras

Artificial Intelligence is at a stage where it seems as if it’s going to develop into something unprecedented, as it’s gradually getting smarter day by day. The growth of AI is considered to be dangerous by a lot of the tech representatives globally, including Elon Musk, who’s work primarily revolves around AI. It should be the responsibility of tech companies to make sure they don’t let the technology of AI advance so much that it starts to affect human lives adversely - and Google is one of the first companies to take action.

Google has decided that it’s going to put a ban on any sort of face altering software inside the camera apps of Android supported devices. This means that any sort of beauty mode that can be applied before or while talking a picture will not be allowed in phones that run on Android OS. It’s difficult for Google to track the photos if they are being altered after being captured, but all sorts of facial alteration while or before capturing a photo will be prohibited. This is going to be a strange situation for a lot of phone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo and more - as they all have beauty filters and settings inside their built-in camera apps.

This feature is primarily being banned for security concerns, as you don’t know how much these apps have the capability of altering someone’s face - and it could go such lengths where you could face swap someone and make them look completely different to what they look like in real life. This poses a safety and privacy threat, and companies like Google have to remain cautious to remove any such issues within the tech community, and make sure no one exploits the power of technology and uses it for negative impact.

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