Google Assistant's Snapshot Now Allows You To Customize Cards

Oct 08, 2020 News

Google Assistant's Snapshot Now Allows You To Customize Cards

Google Now has served a great purpose in our smartphone lives - giving us relevant information about the topics we’re interested in so we can move by our daily lives a lot better. That sort of mechanism has been brought to Google Assistant as well, as Snapshot inside of Assistant allows users to get cards which have different types of information written on them. However, one major issue with these cards was that you couldn’t choose which type of cards you want to receive - and that was a huge hassle for users.

Now, it has been discovered that you can choose the topics you want to be shown in the cards by yourself in the settings menu. Just go to the Google Assistant settings > Snapshot, and then you’ll see the option of toggling about 20+ topics that you can choose to be shown in those cards in Snapshot.

google snapshot snapshot

This was a very important and much needed update, as you can’t even swipe those cards away by any means - unlike Google Now or even the Google feed. So it was very important for Google to at least allow users to choose what topics can be displayed inside of Snapshot. Currently, you can choose to show daily commute routes on the cards, or even casual recipes if you’re into that.

It’s strange how there’s still no choice of being able to remove those cards or swipe them away if you aren’t interested, but at least you now can choose the topics that are shown instead of just random ones like before. The update is coming to multiple users and is a server-side update. Many users have reported getting the update, and you can check for yours as well inside of the settings of Google Assistant, and then going into Snapshot.

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