Google Assistant To Combine Old & New UI Layout In Upcoming Update

Oct 21, 2020 News

Google Assistant To Combine Old & New UI Layout In Upcoming Update

Google Assistant is probably the most used smart voice assistant in the world - right next to Siri and maybe Alexa if you consider the appliances. But if we stick strictly to smartphones, Google Assistant is dominant on the Android side of things. With all the updates, these days almost every phone comes with a Google Assistant, unless your phone was from the cave ages. However, this wide variety of devices, mainly the differences between old phones and new phones has actually caused a disparity in Google’s design.

Previously, there were different UI layouts for new and old phones, and that was inconsistent in the eyes of Google. So now, the company has decided to bring out a new update which will merge both the design layouts of Google Assistant - on both older and newer phones - and provide a brand new design which will be the same for all the phones, regardless of old or new. The updated design will mostly take things from the new layout, as it’s obviously the one Google prefers more.

It’s important to know that this won’t in any way affect or bring changes to any of the features or functionality of the Google Assistant. All this is meant to do is bring a more balanced and consistent look of the Assistant on all devices across the Android framework - and hence the new update will do just that. Google is going to stick with it’s much popular and unique Red, Green, Blue, Yellow color theme - as it’s become its identity in the tech world now.

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The update looks to be server-side from Google, so all you’ll need to do is keep your Google app updated, and wait for the new UI to drop for your Assistant as well. You might even get the update today. The update will be made available to every user in the coming weeks.

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