Google Assistant Rolls Out Gboard, an Enhanced Voice Typing Feature

Nov 07, 2020 News

Google Assistant Rolls Out Gboard, an Enhanced Voice Typing Feature

Google Assistant has had a lot of new changes over the years, and it has grown quite intelligent from all of its updates to the current day and age. Of course it’s no surprise considering the amount of technology Google has under its sleeves. Now, there’s a new feature that has arrived on the phones of many users, and it’s regarding Google Assistant and the Gboard - Google’s very own keyboard app for users.

The new update actually syncs and integrates the Google Assistant and Gboard together seamlessly, as users have reported getting a “New, Save time typing” prompt when they opened their Gboard for typing. This new feature was being called “Enhanced typing” by Google, as it actually takes commands from users via the Google Assistant, as the assistant then performs it instantly on the Gboard.


The use can be versatile, and looks promising for now, and has been reported to work properly for the majority of users as well. The Assistant can take prompts like “Clear” which will effectively clear all of the text that has been typed, rather than manually having to clear it out from the backspace key. Moreover, you can also say “Send” which will then proceed to send the message to the recipient.

From a screenshot provided, we can also see a specific feature that says “auto punctuation” which will actually add punctuation marks like commas, full stops and exclamation marks all on its own using algorithms, whereas previously users had to actually say it out loud to add those punctuation marks.

As of now, not every user has landed the new app feature, as only some users have gotten it from Google - so it seems like it’s a randomized roll out as of now. Moreover, only users with the latest Gboard app, and the latest Google Assistant version only available on Pixel phones can use this feature.

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