Google Assistant Gets Slight Design Updates

Aug 24, 2020 News

Google Assistant Gets Slight Design Updates

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant which is capable of performing multiple tasks and is compatible with a wide range of devices. It is arguably one of the most vital features today and is expected to prosper more in the future. Moreover, Google Assistant is considered by many to be the most complete and useful voice assistant there is, at least on the Google side of things, as Siri is a great competitor undoubtedly. 

In order to keep at pace with the recent change of how Pixel Launcher now opts for a microphone icon, Google decided to change how Assistant visually appears on Pixel Phones.

Previously there were 4 accessible ways to launch Google Assistant, one of which was to tap the Assistant Icon in the Pixel Launcher search bar. Now Google has slightly modified this method of accessing Google Assistant: instead of the trademark “G” logo which popped up enclosed in a circle - it has now been replaced with a microphone icon.

While this change was questioned by many and described as unusual, it is believed that this will be integrated better and will standardize Google Search fields.

google assistant

In order for a more seamless experience, the new Assistant IU now appears as a short pop up box on the screen asking “Hi, how can I help?” on the Pixel 4 and 4a as opposed to before, where it would take up the whole screen and not allow the user to use other applications or features simultaneously. On standard controls it appears at the bottom, also as a small pop up box. This change makes Google feel lighter and allows the user to have a more convenient and enjoyable experience with Assistant. It also helps with multi-tasking, which is a plus side for users. 

In addition, the mic logo has been replaced by the Google Assistant icon in the Google app sheet. This still allows google to perform searches while upgrading from the old, pre-Assistant “Voice Search experience.”

All in all, these new features do not obstruct the functionality of Assistant, instead they add to it and aim to provide users with an experience that is in line with Google’s vision.

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