Google Adds "Black-Owned" Emblem In Maps And Search

Jul 30, 2020 App News

Google Adds "Black-Owned" Emblem In Maps And Search

Recently around the world, the focus on the Black Lives Matter movement has been at an all time high, as people have woken up and have shown the world that they won’t be silenced after such crimes are being committed against the Black Community people globally. After all the riots and protests being held worldwide, major organizations and companies have also taken it upon their shoulders to make sure they tell everyone that they support the BLM movement as well, and have implemented different methods to introduce it in their business model. Similarly, Google, one of the biggest companies in the world, have decided to show support for the movement, as they also add a major feature in their search and Maps app.

When you usually search for a location on Google Maps, you find nearby restaurants and businesses inside the app as well. Now, Google has added a way for black business owners to add the “Black-Owned” attribute on their online business, which will then add a tag when you search for their business on Google - a circular logo with three shades of orange, and a black heart on top. This will notify users if a business is black owned or not - which is a great step taken by Google.

The feature is currently only available in the US, but might make its way down to other regions of the world where black people suffer from prejudice and discrimination because of their race - and Google is taking the responsibility to make them stand out and help them grow awareness about their businesses. Kudos to Google for this move!

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