Good News For Lahori Food Lovers! Careem Super App Is Now In Motion

Oct 24, 2020 App News

Good News For Lahori Food Lovers! Careem Super App Is Now In Motion

Pakistan is usually known for the dishes the country has, with different delicacies from different regions. Perhaps the city which is most well known for its food and especially love for food, is Lahore. Lahore is one of the busiest cities in Pakistan, and people share the love for food in the city. There are restaurants, cafes, and dhabas at every corner of the city. You can find food ranging from street vendors which would cost you a mere 50 rupees, or you can go to the other end of the spectrum and find fancy restaurants and fine dining places.

To capitalize on such an opportunity, Careem has launched its food delivery service, as its Super App is finally live in Lahore, after being tested successfully in Karachi - the other massive city of Pakistan that loves food. Careem’s Super App basically has all of the Careem services in one place, which includes food delivery, car rides and more.

Currently the app is only being tested around the DHA region - which is understandable because that area does have higher rates of mobile literacy as compared to other rural areas scattered around the city of Lahore, which would give inconsistent initial results for Careem. However, the app will expand to the rest of the city in the near future.

You can either pay with cash, card or with Careem Pay, which is Careem’s own wallet system that they’ve integrated with all of their services.

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