Get The Outrider - Arctic Skin Free In CoD Mobile!

Jul 26, 2020 Games

Get The Outrider - Arctic Skin Free In CoD Mobile!

Character and gun skins are a huge part of the CoD Mobile experience, as the fact that people actually spend money to get them is the main source of income and revenue for the game. There are great skins to choose from in-game, and CoD has been generous to provide free epic skins to users as well. However, we have a classic skin for you that you can get for free, and is one that you won’t even have to grind for - yes, we’re talking about the Outrider - Arctic skin, which has been very popular in the game for quite some time.

How to get the Outrider - Arctic skin for free

  • First, you got to go to the official Call of Duty page, and make an account for yourself
  • Then go inside the game settings in CoD Mobile, and click on the “+” icon on the top right, and select “link account”
  • Put in your CoD account details, and then click confirm
  • Re-login inside the game, as it will redirect you to the menu itself
  • Go to the messages section, and claim the Outrider - Arctic for free!

That’s how easy it is to get a great character skin inside CoD Mobile - you’ll be thanking us after getting the skin in barely a couple of minutes!

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