Gboard To Finally Get Dark Mode As It's Called "System Auto"

Aug 22, 2020 App News

Gboard To Finally Get Dark Mode As It's Called "System Auto"

For a long period of time, dark mode has been extremely appealing to users for plenty of different reasons. Perhaps it’s to do with the way it’s more soothing to the eyes, as compared to light themes which are more harsh due to the bright nature of the color white. Or it could just be the aesthetic that the color black possesses, or maybe a mixture of both. Smartphone users with AMOLED displays might argue that it’s due to the battery saving aspect of keeping a dark theme. No matter what the reason, dark theme mode has been so liked by users that almost every major app and software now offers the theme.

However, one major app that didn’t follow with the trend was Gboard, Google’s very own smartphone keyboard. There has been a dark theme mode available inside of Android for quite some time now, as users can select a dark theme for their UI, and the majority of system icons and navigation menus will turn into a black or dark grey background. However, Gboard never offered that feature to its users. The app did allow for different colors to be set as the keyboard’s background, including solid colors, gradients and even built-in subtle designs.

Now, Google is finally bringing the dark mode theme feature to their keyboard app, as the new option will now be called “System Auto”. What this will do is coordinate with the Android OS and see what theme the user is running on it - and automatically set the keyboard’s color and theme to go along with it. For example, if a user is running dark mode on their Android’s theme, Gboard will recognize it, sync with it and change it’s theme to dark as well. This will work seamlessly to give users the dark themed keyboard they always wanted without having to tinker with the settings. There isn’t much else to tweak in the dark mode option’s settings - except that you can change whether or not you want borders around your keys.

There’s currently no sight of the rumour of Google Sans - the new font coming along with this keyboard update, but maybe that will come to existence in the near future. Currently the System Auto feature for Gboard is only available in Android 11’s beta programme, meaning only users with the beta will be able to use this option. The rest of us will have to wait for the full stable version of Android 11 to release to test this feature out.

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