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Huawei Band 6 Review
Aug 02, 2021

Game Corner

Top 5 Android Games

Jun 17, 2021

Android is one of the biggest gaming producers in the industry that you can get. Android has been a platform for potential players to choose from a variety of games. Gaming has been improving at a greater potential as compared to any other technology that has been coming up and simultaneously Androi...

Call Of Duty Mobile - Silencers Are Really Useful? Novices Feel Tasteless, But High Play Will Not Give Up

Mar 24, 2021

In the Call of Duty mobile game, the accessories of the gun are essential. The accessories will change the appearance of the gun itself and affect the specific properties of the gun. And some guns will have exclusive accessories. Without it, the performance of the weapon will be significantly reduce...

'Overwatch 2' Mobile Games Exposed - Blizzard Plans To Release At The Same Time

Mar 22, 2021

According to Dexerto reports, they have very reliable sources claiming that if there is no outbreak in 2020, Blizzard will launch two works simultaneously: 'Overwatch 2' and 'Overwatch Mobile Games'.In a blog program by Dexerto editors, editor Lewis stated: "I have a fully reliable source claiming t...

Call of Duty Mobile Game Players Report Bugs. M4 And Knife Are Locked

Mar 19, 2021

On October 20th, the Call of Duty mobile game national service's internal beta became the big news in the game industry. Quite a lot of internal beta players have played the Call of Duty mobile game's national service. In the TAPTAP Call of Duty mobile game forum, many global players complain about ...

Nintendo Facilitates Parental Control On The Switch With A Mobile Application

Mar 18, 2021

We all gamers know that it is effortless for the 'five more minutes' to become hours until we got the news when it got dark outside. It's a particular problem, especially for children, who lose balance with their obligations and other activities due to sticking with a suitable title. That's why Nint...

World of Warcraft - New Version Of The Planning Is Still In 'The Wrong Direction'

Mar 16, 2021

In the game, we are friends, chatting and talking, here we can speak freely without anyone obstructing, and everyone's favorite editor, please collect your saliva, and be ready to complain with the editor at any time! The planning of the new version of World of Warcraft is still in the ‘wrong dir...

Pokémon Attracts $100 Billion In Gold. Why Is This World's No. 1 IP?

Mar 15, 2021

Earlier, Universal Studios Japan announced that it would cooperate with Nintendo to create a 'Super Nintendo World' theme park. The opening scheduled for February 14, 2021, was also postponed due to the epidemic. In March, the global side seems to think that the conditions for welcoming customers ar...

PUBG Mobile And King Of Glory On Top - Global Mobile Game Revenue Ranking

Mar 12, 2021

March 12 This morning, Sensor Tower released the latest research report, bringing the ranking of global popular mobile game revenue in February 2021. Sensor Tower data shows that in February 2021, Tencent's 'Peace Elite' and 'PUBG Mobile' attracted $250 million in the global App Store and Google Pl...

‘Call Of Duty’ Season 3 Is Coming Out On March 12 - New Weapon, Maps & More

Mar 10, 2021

‘Call of Duty’ mobile game is about to usher in a new Season 3 on March 12. The Dark Night version is newly launched. Not only has the new gameplay ‘Dark Night Mode’ and other new gameplay, but there are also scrapyards, Binhai Wine Town, and Harbin Three new maps in Ken's backyard, new guns...

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary - New Features Exposed

Mar 09, 2021

As time goes by, the 17th season of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has gradually come to the end of the season. The 17th season will end on March 15. After the settlement, the official will start the new season. Wan will also be temporarily offline. According to the past update rhythm, a lot of new ...