Galaxy Z Fold Tab Renders Involve A Triple Design

Jun 02, 2021 News

Galaxy Z Fold Tab Renders Involve A Triple Design

Today, Samsung is one of the most famous manufacturers of smartphones in the complex segment. Although several companies have not yet entered this niche, Samsung already has two lines of devices and will enter the market with the third generation of its first sophisticated smartphones. According to rumours, Samsung is also releasing its first sophisticated tablet, probably the Galaxy Z Fold Tab. Because the company still working on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, it is entering the market of massive tablets. We believe that a complex tablet with a standard folded display size and a gigantic unfolded display makes perfect sense.

A recent list of patents with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) shows that the company was working on a project called "Method and device for providing a user interface in an (electronic) device with a complex display." The patent is valid from May 21, 2021, and gives an idea of possible scenarios for using such a complex device. The US Patent and Trademark Office patented the same design. Now people with LetsGoDigital decided to work on these patents to create conceptual renderings showing the possible appearance of the Galaxy Z Fold Tab. The company can even use the Galaxy Z Flex to connect it to the Galaxy Book 2-in-1 line.


The New Galaxy Z Fold Tab Will Be Samsung's First Triple Tablet

Galaxy Z Fold Tab is designed to work as both a smartphone and a tablet. The device has a decent form factor due to the minimal assembly mechanism. The design of the Galaxy Z Fold Tab also includes a position for the S Pen, which may be more effective in the model. The three-fold design certainly looks promising, but again, these patents do not mean that such a device will enter the market. At least not any time soon.

This year, the company can follow the line of sophisticated smartphones. The Galaxy Unpacked event is likely to take place in August 2021. During the event, the Korean company will unveil the new Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip2. The company may also introduce its new Galaxy Tab S8 series, made with a regular display. If the Galaxy Z Fold Tab turns out to be accurate, then we will hear more about it in the coming months.

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