Galaxy Z Fold 2 Will Feature Different Colored Hinges

Sep 01, 2020 News

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Will Feature Different Colored Hinges

Samsung Galaxy Fold was not at all well received by critics and users alike, as it was just an ugly looking phone with not much practicality on board, materials and design that made it look cheap, and a hinge that wasn't really the best in class. Along with all that, the phone retailed for a whopping, 2,000 euros - a price not at all small for smartphone. Now, the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 was recently announced for pre-order sales in the UK for a 100 pounds less, at 1,799 - and with features and looks much better than its predecessor. 

The phone now features a much thinner glass as Samsung calls it the UTG, short for Ultra Thin Glass. It's going to withstand the folding mechanism much more easily and overall be a better display than the previous one. Moreover, the front design has improved a lot, as the bezels have shrunk massively, along with the hideous and cheap looking front camera notch being replaced for the current Infinity-O notch that Samsung opts for these days.  

However, we're not here to talk about that. The main talking point at the moment is about the funky looking hinges that Samsung will opt for with the new Galaxy Z Fold 2. It was known as the device released went up for pre sale in the UK, that the phone will come in 2 color variants, namely being the Mystic Bronze and Black. Even though there are only two colour options for the phone, it seems like there will be a total of 4 different colour choices to choose from on the hinges of the phone - a unique move made by the Korean company. 

Galaxy Z Fold 2

The colours seem to be orange, silver and gold - as the colours picked by Samsung look to be complete contrasts of the base colour codes of the actual phones themselves - beating subtle and graceful colours with punchy and vibrant notes to create a strange, but appealing look nonetheless. We don't know when the phone is going to arrive globally, but considering it's up for pre-order in the UK, it won't take too long. 

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