Galaxy Watch 3 Released For $399

Aug 05, 2020 News

Galaxy Watch 3 Released For $399

Galaxy Watch 3 has been teased for months as users were wondering what price will it come at and how good will it be. Well, in the Galaxy Unpacked event yesterday, Samsung finally unveiled the watch that everyone was hyped up for for so long. The watch comes with a refreshed look, new features and more as Samsung has upped their game from the previous Active Watch 2. 

The GW 3 comes with a seriously classy look, without compromising the features or health options that a smartwatch is mostly worn for. The watch has the hardware to support step tracking, heart rate tracking, blood pressure and even ECG. However, the latter two features aren’t yet available in the US, but they might arrive soon with a future software update. The watch also comes with Samsung Pay which is possible through NFC. Moreover, you also get a unique trip detection mechanism in the watch which alerts specific contacts when it senses a tripping motion. The much loved rotating bezels are back again as well, as they were greatly missed in the previous Galaxy Active Watches. 

Samsung has released two variants of the Galaxy Watch 3, as one of them is a smaller, 41mm variant, and the larger and more expensive one is 45mm. There is a difference of battery sizes as well in both versions. The cheaper version, which is the base variant will set you back just $399, whereas the more expensive model goes for 429 dollars. The watch this year surely is more expensive, but it's also lighter and consists of more features than the previous models.

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