Galaxy Watch 3 Firmware Leaked: Provides More Information

Jun 30, 2020 News

Galaxy Watch 3 Firmware Leaked: Provides More Information

Samsung Galaxy watches have always been under the spotlight from tech critics all over the world because of it being the only real competitor to Apple. The Galaxy Watch 3 has taken the entire tech media by storm, as everyone’s trying to find out what the specs will be, what it will look like and when will Samsung release the watch or even unveil it in the first place. We’ve covered all the leaks and renders of the Galaxy Watch 3 on our blog as well, and now we have gotten further information about the software side of things on the upcoming smartwatch by Samsung.

Max Weinbach got his hands on the firmware of the GW3, and gave us the new and upcoming changes we will notice on the watch. Customizability is a huge part in these changes, as we’ll be getting new watch faces, and the option to customize the watch face as well and add information of our own at the edges, including step count, date, weather and so on. The weather app is revamped as well, as it will now contain a background animation according to the weather it is outside. For example, if it’s raining outside, you’ll get a raindrop animation inside the weather app. Spotify will be pre-installed in the watch as well, and Outlook will now replace Samsung Email as the default mail app.

Max further states that the watch could be unveiled as early as 7th of July from Samsung, and we can’t wait for more information to drop on this matter. Regarding the other specs, we will be getting an 8GB worth of storage inside the watch, with 1GB RAM. The usual sensors will be present inside, including one for ECG, and we’ll get two variants of the watch, one with a 1.2” screen, and the other with a 1.4” one. We’ll keep you updated on further information and news about the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3 along the way.

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