Galaxy Fold 2 Will Now Be Called Galaxy Z Fold 2

Jul 09, 2020 News

Galaxy Fold 2 Will Now Be Called Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung seems to be quite experienced in the folding device department now, and it clearly seems like they won’t stop making more foldable phones in the future down-the-line. We saw the Galaxy Fold to be the first folding device made by the Korean giant, and one of the first foldable smartphones in the world. Then we saw Samsung release the Z Flip which definitely got more love than its predecessor in the folding lineup, as it seemed more practical, and more in line of a flagship device considering the price of it as well.

Now, according to claims by SamMobile and by what a Samsung representative said a while back, it seems like the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 will be called the Z Fold 2, keeping all the foldable devices under Samsung’s ownership to be in the Z family. Samsung says the Z expresses a closer connection to youth and helps explain the concept better. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will come with a massive 7.7” display when laid out fully, and will support 25W fast charging as well.

The device is expected to come out soon, and will probably be announced in the Samsung event coming up on the 5th of August where they’ll also likely announce the Note 20 series as well. The phone will probably cost around 2000 dollars, which may affect the sales of the phone as well.

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