Free Fire Brings Out New Multiplayer Mode: Rampage 2.0

Jul 06, 2020 Games

Free Fire Brings Out New Multiplayer Mode: Rampage 2.0

Now that PUBG is banned for the time being in Pakistan, players are desperately looking for other great alternatives for PUBG so they can spend their free time in lockdown with friends or even solo queuing. CoD Mobile is a great option if you want to have fun playing a shooting game with friends, but it doesn’t have a respected or loved Battle Royale section in the game. However, one such game that does focus mostly on BR is Free Fire, and it’s pretty famous around the world. Free Fire recently added a new multiplayer feature as well though, which shows their commitment to not only providing entertaining Battle Royale features, but also multiplayer ones so the game remains versatile for the player.

The new mode will be known as Rampage 2.0, and it’s going to be one that will prove to be plenty of fun for the players. The mode is pretty similar to Domination on PUBG, and Hardpoint on CoD Mobile, as there are 3 flag sites, being A, B and C, and both teams have to sit on the site long enough to reach a specified score. In Free Fire’s Rampage 2.0, there are two teams of 4 players each that go against each other, and the flag sites randomly activate one at a time, as both teams have to battle it out to stay on site to reach a 100 points total to win the game. Of course, being a multiplayer match, the game allows for unlimited respawns. Both teams also get buffs inside the match, which is basically power ups like calling in an air-strike on the active flag site to get the enemies off of it.

Players will get Carnage points at the end of each match which they can then spend on getting in-game rewards and so on. We feel that this is a great, thrilling game mode for those who don’t have the patience to play out an entire BR match and spend 30 minutes on it. That being said, even the BR inside Free Fire can get intense, and it makes the game a fantastic time pass for gaming enthusiasts.

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